Posie Nelms

BA (Hons) Classical Ballet Performance, RAD CBTS, Acrobatic Arts RTS
Posie Nelms

Posie joins the team as Acro and Modern Perfomers group teacher

Posie is a former pupil of Welland School of Dancing where she attended classes from the age of two. Throughout her time at Welland, her love for dancing continuously grew and she furthered her training by attending associate programmes at The School of Ballet Theatre UK and Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts. 

Posie attended the School of Ballet Theatre UK for three years, where she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Classical Ballet Performance. In her final year of training, she performed with Ballet Theatre UK’s second company (BTUK2).

Following this, she began training with the Royal Academy of Dance to achieve a Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies which she will complete in October 2023. Posie has also recently qualified as an acrobatic arts instructor.

Posie is very excited to be back as part of the Welland School of Dancing team.


Posie’s Classes