These are ability-appropriate contemporary dance classes, covering a range of different styles, including some work from Graham, Limon and release technique. Our classes will also compliment other dance styles, especially ballet, allowing dancers to gain strength, confidence and a real sense of performance.

Each class incorporates enjoyable, rewarding and valuable elements of contemporary and will focus on individual needs and benefits, designed to be both fun and suitably challenging. Students will be encouraged to look at the anatomy of the body to ensure safe practise for the individual.   

Junior contemporary (45mins) is designed for students who have never done Contemporary before, aimed at (but not exclusive to) students aged 9-11 (KS2). This class looks at the basis of Contemporary dance and introduces them to contemporary technique. Once the students have an understanding of contemporary dance as a whole they will be encouraged to move up into the Intermediate class. Assessments are carried on regularly by the teacher and each student is assessed as an individual.

Intermediate Contemporary (45mins) is perfect for those who have a strong understanding of contemporary technique and the difference between different techniques/styles. In this class, we develop on the skills we learned in the Junior contemporary adding in more complex ideas. Students will get the opportunity to think more creatively about movement and begin choreographing with others. This class is aimed at (but not exclusive to) students aged 11-13 (Year 7-8). When the student has developed technical skills and can identify differences between styles they will be moved into Senior 1.

The Senior 1 class is an hour long class, for those students who have strong technical skills and can identify the details in performance. They have an advanced technical skill level and can work well both on their own and in small groups. This class is aimed at (but not exclusive to) students aged 13 upwards (Year 9 and up). This class is perfect for those who are looking at exploring Dance at GCSE or A-Level. When the students have learned about the importance of safety of the body and the details in contemporary technique they will be invited to join Senior 2.

Senior 2 is an additional 30 minute class to be taken directly after Senior 1. This class is available by invitation only for those who need an extra challenge after the Senior 1 class. Exercises may include partner/contact work, lifts and more complex groupings of steps and tricks.