Welland School of Dancing offers affordable class fees, our fees policy is transparent and straightforward, there are no hidden costs and in the effort to keep classes affordable we also offer multi-class discounts per student.

Lesson Duration

Price per Term

Adults pay per week option

30 min £55.01 N/A
45 min £62.02 £5/week
60 min £67.99 £6/week
1h 15 min £75.00 £7/week
1h 30 min £82.99 £8/week







Only adults can be given the option of paying per class per week. Students under the age of 18 must all pay term fee. They are paying to secure their place in the class for a whole term. Adults can choose the option of paying per term if they prefer.

Multi class Discount Structure

for students and adults paying term fees

Number of classes 


2 classes per week 15% off total bill
3 classes per week 20% off total bill
4 classes per week 25% off total bill
5+ classes per week 30% off total bill

We do not offer sibling discount.

Notice Period

We require half a term’s notice in writing (email acceptable) to discontinue a class. Our policy is to automatically enrol existing pupils in each new term unless we receive the above notice.

Adult Loyalty Cards

Adults who pay per week receive a loyalty card for WSD run adult classes only. They receive a stamp for each class they attend. Once they have collected 10 stamps they get their next WSD adult class free. They collect their cards from the teacher and get them stamped by the teacher each week. Participating classes:

Monday Adult Ballet 1.30-2.30pm

Tuesday Beginner / Improver adult tap 9.45-10.15am

Tuesday intermediate / advanced adult tap 6.45-7.30pm

Wednesday General Ballet 7-8pm

Wednesdays Level 2 Ballet 8-9pm

All other adult dance and fitness classes are not eligible for the adult loyalty card scheme.

We have a second hand uniform department to help keep uniform costs to a minimum, and we don’t charge anything for costumes.

Fees are paid termly in advance. We run our terms in line with the local Lincolnshire county council school terms.

How do I pay term fees?

Fees are payable online through our secure Parent Portal accounts

We require new pupils to register with AutoPay when enrolling with Welland School of Dancing. We charge your registered card for full term fees on the first Monday of each new term. We will send out an email reminder before the time, asking you to log into your Parent Portal, check your classes are correct and confirm the amount that will be charged via AutoPay.


Alternative methods of payment are by online bank transfer into the following bank:

Account No: 68099985

Sort Code: 08-92-50

Please put payment reference of your child’s surname so we know who it’s from.

  • We also accept cheque made payable to Welland School of Dancing, or cash.
  • You can also pay by credit card at reception or over the phone by calling 07990635970.

If you are struggling to afford fees please do contact us as we have a small provision to help worthy causes, or we can also set up a flexible payment plan to help spread the cost of classes over several smaller payments.