Welland School of Dancing Uniform Shop

The Welland School of Dancing has a set uniform for Ballet and Tap & Modern Theatre. Only the set uniform (all regulation R.A.D. and I.S.T.D. exam wear) must be worn for class. Children transferring from other schools etc may wear their existing uniform until it is out grown. All uniform including shoes and accessories (t-shirts, crossovers, hairnets, etc.) are available from our online shop or the Uniform Shop found at our Stamford Ballroom studio during term time:

Friday 4:00 - 5:30pm

Saturday 9am - 1pm

You can purchase your uniform from our online shop or e-mail James for any new uniform enquiries.

Second Hand Sales

We also have Second Hand Sales which are run from the Uniform Shop on a Saturday from 9-1pm during term time only.

All new regulation items brought from the school shop are suitable when outgrown, for our second hand sales. If you have any suitable second hand that you wish to sell, you can bring it into the shop during opening hours for James to see. If your items are in good condition, and if there is demand then he will purchase the items from you there and then. However, if we already have a lot of the particular item you want to sell then James will not purchase them. Teachers will no longer accept second hand items during class time. Please ensure you bring second hand items to the uniform shop only during opening times.

Please note: We do not insist that the pre school classes have the schools set uniform, but if the children wish to have dancewear it must be our set uniform and not unsuitable dressing up/play ballet outfits (e.g. From John Lewis) and ballet shoes must be a neat fit and not too big to avoid pupils tripping over.